Weimaraners Are Us!

Down On The Farm

Somethings always going on down on the farm. Jays making shotgun mailboxes or being a great Taxidermist there's always something going on. Our dogs are our main focus. They are our kids . Never a dull moment . We started with our male  Sir. Cole. Four and a half years later came our two  girls,Miss Abby ,then Dixie. They are now retired with Dixie & Sir Cole's daughter Dianna ,with a blue ,Axel for a husband. Cole & Abby's son Knothead Cool dude with two  sisters from Georgia as his wives.  We also bought Dixie &. Cole's grand girls ,Blue & Angel. Both blues as Axel's wives.  That's our whole crazy  (( life ) or (story) here at Grey Ghost Farms in Fort Lawn, S.C.  ( drop us a line anytime,)?)

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